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Premiere: Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Channel & Time: MTV - Tuesdays 10/9c

The Challenge 31

Following an epic season of The Challenge, our stars return to settle old scores in The Challenge: Vendettas.

Description Points
Competitor Advances to the Next Week 10
Competitor Reads the Week's Clue From TJ 10
Female Competitor Cries 10
Competitor Engages in a Screaming Fight With Another Competitor 10
Competitor Comments on the Importance of the Money to His/Her Life or Discusses the Amount of Money at Stake (Only Awarded Once Per Episode) 20
Competitor Makes Out With Another Competitor of the Opposite Sex 20
Competitor Wins a Non-Elimination Challenge 20
Male Competitor Cries 20
Competitor Vomits on Screen 20
Competitor is Part of the Troika 20
TJ Tells Competitor That He or She "Killed It" 30
Competitor Finishes the Final Challenge in Third Place 30
Competitor Makes Out With Another Competitor of the Same Sex 40
Competitor is Victorious in the Elimination Challenge 40
Competitor Pranks Another Competitor, Throws Another Competitor in Water, Pours a Drink on Another Competitor or Commits Any Such Similar Act 50
Competitor Finishes the Final Challenge in Second Place 60
Competitor Wins the Final Challenge 100
Competitor Enters the Elimination Challenge by Finishing Last in a Non-Elimination Challenge -10
Competitor is Hit with the Grenade -10
Competitor Nominated to Appear Before the Troika -10
Competitor is Disqualified from Any Challenge -10
Competitor or Pair is Selected to Enter the Elimination Challenge or Selected for Elimination -20
TJ Questions the Competitor's Integrity or Otherwise Calls Them Out -20
Competitor Physically Assaults Someone That Does Not Result in His/Her Disqualification or His/Her Team's Disqualification From the Competition -20
Competitor is Selected to Go First in a Non-Elimination Challenge -20
Competitor Opts Not to Compete in a Challenge -30
Competitor Leaves the Competition Due to Illness or Injury -30
Competitor is Disqualified from the Competition -40
Competitor Throws a Challenge -40
Competitor Quits the Competition -50
Competitor Physically Assaults TJ -100
Week: Aired Summary
3: 1/16 Nelson and Cory humiliate themselves in a flaming soccer shootout. Devin proves he's a competitor. Natalie begins her slide to the dark side.
2: 1/12 After our first real challenge, TJ announces the elimination rules, including the exciting revelation of the Troika.
1: 1/2 The premiere sets the stage for a crazy season.