How It Works

Here's how this works. This website allows you to play "fantasy" games in connection with your favorite reality TV programs. Basically, you play against other people by dividing up the contestants on your favorite reality TV program into separate "teams." Each team's contestants will earn points based on certain actions they perform on the show, as listed in the Scoring System on that show's page. The goal is to earn as many points as possible. You play in a league with a set number of other players. You can compete in a private league against friends and family or in a public league against total strangers. Feel free to play in as many leagues as you want for as many reality TV programs as we offer.

First, you register to use this website by creating a user name and password. After receiving a confirmation email from us, you select a reality TV show from the home page. You will then be presented with the option to compete in a private league against your friends and family or in a public league against strangers (soon–to–be friends). While we think it is more fun to begin the league before the television season starts, you are able to create or join a league at any time.

Joining Leagues

If you are playing in a league, you will be given the option to create a league and act as its commissioner by clicking on "Start A League" or join a private league already created by one of your friends by finding accepting the invitation on your dashboard. To create the league you want, you will select the size of the league (how many teams/friends will be in your league) and the manner by which you want to draft from the options presented to you (see Drafting Contestants below). As the commissioner, you will also be able to name the league. After making your selections, you will be assigned your own webpage for the league. At this point, you will also designate which friends you wish to invite to play in the league by clicking "Manage Invitations" and entering their e–mail addresses. They will then receive an e–mail containing an invite link. The league webpage will be available immediately after league creation.

To join a private league that has already been created, you just follow the instructions in the e–mail you receive from your commissioner.

Drafting Contestants

For each reality TV show, the contestants are divided up amongst the teams in a given league by a "draft." Each contestant on the show gets drafted only once; the first team to draft a particular contestant gets him or her on their team, and the next team must draft only from the remaining contestants.

The draft will take place on a scheduled day and time that will be displayed on the website.

League Drafts

There are three methods of drafting contestants in a league:

Random Draft: If you choose auto draft, the different contestants will be assigned to the teams in your league completely at random.

Rank Draft: If you choose manual draft, the teams in your league pre–rank the contestants by entering their rankings on the website before the scheduled draft date. In preparation for the draft, each team should review the reality TV program's scoring system and contestants, and then rank the contestants in order of preference. During the draft, when it is your team's turn in the draft order, you will be assigned the highest contestant still available on your list (i.e. you will get the contestant you ranked first only if that contestant was not already chosen by another team in your league with a higher draft pick). The draft order will be determined at random and follow a snake pattern, so that the team selecting a contestant at the end of one round will then choose a contestant to begin the next round.

Offline Draft: By choosing this option, you are able to draft the contestants in any manner and at any time you choose, away from the website. After the draft, the commissioner must then enter the results himself on the league's website, by clicking on "Draft Contestants and Start League."

Playing the Game

Once you have joined a league and drafted your contestants, you can now sit back, watch the show, and root for your team to score points. As explained above, for each reality TV show, the contestants will earn points according to the scoring rules that are listed in the Scoring System for that show. As your team earns points, you will be able to keep track of the score by looking at the scoreboard on your league's page. In addition, you will be able to read weekly commentary, enter contests, take polls, and interact with the other members of your league on the league's message board. Draft wisely, have fun, and good luck!!