About Us

You may be asking yourself, "Who is behind this amazing website?" Well, since you've come to a website to play fantasy games for reality television shows, I imagine we're just like you:

  • We enjoy watching TV, specifically reality shows, and love endlessly discussing those shows with our friends and family.
  • We also enjoy watching sports and playing games, including fantasy sports. A few years ago, we decided to combine our passions and created fantasy games for reality television shows.

We devised our own rules and scoring systems for programs like The Bachelor, Survivor, and many others! Then we invited our friends and family to play with us. We drafted our favorite contestants and had a blast rooting them on through their respective competitions.

By introducing a little competition of our own into the mix, we discovered that participating in fantasy leagues increased our interests in the shows and provided us with endless laughter and fun. Trust us, you have not experienced a truly dramatic rose ceremony until the fate of your fantasy team hangs in the balance! After seeing the success of the concept with our friends and family, we expanded the idea to include even more reality shows, refined the scoring systems, and brought the games online for you to enjoy! So, if you like reality TV and have the slightest competitive streak, sign up to play along with your favorite reality TV show against friends or strangers. In addition to the games, you'll enjoy weekly articles from our staff, contests, polls, and the ability to chat online with your league.

Have fun and good luck!

Matt Gray CEO

Jake Siddall CTO