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Season 31

Following an epic season of The Challenge, our stars return to settle old scores in The Challenge: Vendettas.

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Thebachelor 3623a9e7fec42fdfdf4558aa38928d7ffdd64f6bee41a23e8320e3c6e325bb5e

Season 22

One-time fan favorite Arie Luyendyk Jr. returns after a six-year absence from the spotlight. ABC is hoping that he can quickly recapture America's heart. Although the fact that he hasn't settled down in the time sin...

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Survivor cd164d454a1130bf38e63823c8302116a76a70105cdd42e7699f6a8c7e852319

Season 35

For the inventive 35th edition of this reality show classic, the survivors will be split into three tribes based on their most positive traits. Welcome to Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers ...

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Done stamp 5576f7378b9d6c2025beae9260a900d61499590b33fcb784ae85b71e7a5dc08a Bachelorinparadise 3eb3fad68c287332b40234deffaa4571b98392c827450b5aaec97776525cc4b0

Season 4

Thanks to the pre-season scandal and legitimate fears that the show may be cancelled entirely, this iteration of Bachelor in Paradise really is the most dramatic and anticipated...