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Premiere: Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Channel & Time: CBS - Wednesdays at 8/7c

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Survivor 35

For the inventive 35th edition of this reality show classic, the survivors will be split into three tribes based on their most positive traits. Welcome to Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. The Heroes are admired for their achievements, the Healers is appreciated for helping others, and the Hustlers work hard to earn their respect.

Description Points
Contestant Survives Week 1 10
Contestant Survives Week 2 20
Contestant Survives Week 3 30
Contestant Survives Week 4 40
Contestant Survives Week 5 50
Contestant Survives Week 6 60
Contestant Survives Week 7 70
Contestant Survives Week 8 80
Contestant Survives Week 9 90
Contestant Survives Week 10 100
Contestant Survives Week 11 110
Contestant Survives Week 12 120
Contestant Survives Week 13 130
Contestant Survives Week 14 140
Contestant Survives Week 15 150
Contestant Survives Week 16 160
Contestant Finishes in Third Place 200
Contestant Finishes in Second Place 250
Contestant is Named Sole Survivor 300
Contestant Engages in a Screaming Fight With Another Contestant 10
Female Contestant Cries 10
Male Contestant Cries 20
Contestant Lies About His or Her Background (Points For Each Lie Awarded Once Per Season) 30
Contestant's Tribe Wins Reward Challenge 30
Contestant is Chosen to Share in the Reward 30
Contestant Shares or Surrenders the Reward 40
Contestant's Tribe Wins Immunity Challenge 50
Contestant Kisses Another Contestant. (A "Kiss" Means Anything Other Than a Peck on the Cheek. A Contestant Can Receive Kissing Points Once Per Setting) 50
Contestant Finds an Advantage 50
Contestant is a Member of the Jury 50
Contestant Votes Against His or Her Alliance 50
Contestant Finds the Hidden Immunity Idol 50
Contestant Uses an Advantage 50
Contestant Wins Individual Reward Challenge 60
Contestant is Given the Hidden Immunity Idol 70
Contestant Wins Individual Immunity Challenge 80
Contestant Fashions a Fake Hidden Immunity Idol 80
Contestant Successfully Plays the Hidden Immunity Idol for Himself or Herself to Survive 100
Contestant Successfully Plays the Hidden Immunity Idol for Someone Else Saving that Person 150
Contestant Receives at Least One Vote at Tribal Council Read Aloud by Probst -10
Contestant Receives Medical Assistance -20
Contestant Sits Out of a Challenge -30
Contestant Audibly Prays -50
Contestant Wastes a Hidden Immunity Idol -50
Contestant Uses Fake Idol -50
Contestant Drops Out of Immunity Challenge for a Tempting Gift From Jeff -100
Contestant Quits the Show, is Thrown Off the Show or is Medically Evacuated -100
Week: Aired Summary
14: 12/20 In an exciting finale, Ben makes some extraordinary moves and benefits from a little producer-infused luck.
13: 12/13 As the primary target and without an alliance, Ben continues to control the game.
12: 12/6 Lauren makes an epically stupid decision and Ben makes a massive move.
11: 11/29 Lauren continues her march to the top, but Ben isn't far behind.
10: 11/29 Lauren asserts control with some brilliant maneuvering.
9: 11/22 The healers continue to get picked off, and Ryan makes an error that may bite him before it's all over.
8: 11/15 Desi gets blindsided in a bizarre tribal council as a result of a new advantage.
7: 11/8 The group celebrates the merge before Chrissy takes control and puts a bullseye on her back.
6: 11/1 Ryan seals his old ally's fate.
5: 10/25 Ryan must choose between Ali and Chrissy. The fun begins ...
4: 10/18 The contestants drop their buffs and switch tribes, leaving Alan on the short end of a crazy tribal council.
3: 10/11 The Hustlers continue to fall apart, leading to the year's first blindside.
2: 10/4 The Hustlers wrestle with the age old question - boot the obnoxious, but athletic man or vote out the enigmatic, intelligent woman.
1: 9/27 The new season kicks off with an exciting twist.