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Premiere: Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Channel & Time: ABC - 8 pm / 7 pm CT

Bachelor in Paradise 8

The eighth season of Bachelor in Paradise (hosted by Jesse Palmer) premieres Tuesday, Sept. 27 on ABC — and once again, the beach will be filled with Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants you know and love, contestants you love to hate, and people you swear you've never seen before in your life.

Description Points
Contestant Advances at the Rose Ceremony 15
Contestant Reads a Date Card 10
Female Contestant Cries 10
Contestant Sits in the Hot Tub 10
Contestant is First to Arrive on the Beach 10
Contestant Goes on a Date 20
Contestant Kisses Another Contestant (A 'Kiss' is Considered Anything More Than a Peck on the Cheek. A Contestant Can Only Receive Kissing Points Once Per Setting) 20
Male Contestant Cries 20
Contestant Engages in a Screaming Fight With Another Contestant 20
Contestant Participates in a Physical Activity That Makes Him or Her Nervous, But He or She Gets Through It With Another's Help 20
Contestant interacts with Jorge 20
Contestant Asks Wells for Advice or Confides in him 20
Contestant Receives a Gift 30
Contestant Sings, Dances, Plays an Instrument, Reads a Poem or Displays Some Other Unique Talent 30
Contestant Rides in a Helicopter 30
Contestant Gives Another a Gift 30
Contestant Goes to the Hospital or Otherwise Suffers an Injury 40
Contestant Gets Drunk and Acts Like an Idiot, Gets Sick, or Passes Out 40
Contestant Engages in a Physical Fight With Another Contestant 40
Contestant Rejects a Date Invitation 50
Contestant Strips Naked or To Their Underwear in Front of Others 60
Contestant Falls Asleep on a Date, Including a Cocktail Party 100
Contestant Gets Kicked Off the Show by the Producers 100
Contestant Leaves the Show on His or Her Own Accord 200
Contestant Gets Engaged on the Show 500
Contestant Loses Virginity on the Show 1000
Week: Aired Summary
1: 9/27 Ep. 1 - Premiere