Bachelorinparadise 3eb3fad68c287332b40234deffaa4571b98392c827450b5aaec97776525cc4b0

Season 4

Thanks to the pre-season scandal and legitimate fears that the show may be cancelled entirely, this iteration of Bachelor in Paradise really is the most dramatic and anticipated...

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Thechallenge 4528a21c31de7a6d8a7b0b8cb37e885967884071058702919493005696120c68

Season 30

For the 30th season of The Challenge, the dirtiest and most unpredictable players in the show's history return to compete for the biggest prize ever - $1 MILLION DOLLARS! With ...

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Thebachelorette 09624b5d136393fb037798f3a0740a1fc6c830c40c4c41aa5fc315329fafb152

Season 13

In the highly-anticipated return of The Bachelorette popular and beautiful Rachel becomes the first African American star of the series. After 33 combined seasons,

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