Season 21

Eight days after St. Nick delivers presents and good cheer to all, another beloved Nick will do the same. After spending three entire seasons on the Bachelor franchise, Nick finally gets his turn as the lead.

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Season 14

Top Chef takes its world-class cooking competition to Charleston, South Carolina where for the first time eight new cheftestants will square off against eight returning competitors.

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Season 33

The king of all reality competition shows keeps trucking along, this time with a theme sure to split families and co-workers into warring factions.

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Season 23

Fresh off another Olympics, Dancing with the Stars returns with two Olympians in the lineup.



June 2, 2016 by Fantasy 4 Reality Welcome to F4R’s picks for best Bachelorette league names of the year. Before we announce the winners, let’s quickly delve into the events of episode 2. While a few of the men advanced their cause with Jo Jo, the breakout…read more
May 25, 2016 by Fantasy 4 Reality Welcome to our first edition of this season’s The Bachelorette Quick Hits. Most Pathetic Limo Entrances A quick caveat: All things considered this was a pretty normal, if not boring, group of guys who didn’t embarrass themselves as badly as…read more
March 14, 2016 by Matt Welcome The Bachelor Quick Hits for Episode 10 – The Finale. Ben’s Free Pass Ben’s mom put it best. When she and Ben sat down to discuss his two choices, he confided in her that he loves them both and told them…read more

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