Top+Chef Season 14

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Top Chef Season 14

Top Chef takes its world-class cooking competition to Charleston, South Carolina where for the first time eight new cheftestants will square off against eight returning competitors.

On top of this new format, the season will feature some incredible Southern cuisine for culinary superstars. Graham Elliot joins the judge's table. Will a rookie take home the coveted title or will a former chef find redemption?

Event Points
Chef Advances to Top 15 10
Chef Advances to Top 14 20
Chef Advances to Top 13 30
Chef Advances to Top 12 40
Chef Advances to Top 11 50
Chef Advances to Top 10 60
Chef Advances to Top 9 70
Chef Advances to Top 8 80
Chef Advances to Top 7 90
Chef Advances to Top 6 100
Chef Advances to Top 5 110
Chef Advances to Top 4 120
Chef Advances to Top 3 130
Chef Advances to Top 2 150
Contestant Wins Top Chef 200
Chef Uses Liquid Nitrogen 10
Female Chef Cries 10
Male Chef Cries 20
Chef Engages in a Screaming Fight 20
Chef Cuts Him/Herself, Receives Medical Attention and Continues to Cook 20
Contestant is Named as One of the Best in the Quickfire Challenge 20
Chef Kisses Another Chef 30
Chef Participates as Sous Chef in a Challenge After His or Her Elimination 30
Chef is Chosen at Judges' Table as Potential Winner of the Elimination Challenge 30
Chef Hoards Ingredients/Rejects a Request From Another Chef to Borrow Ingredients 30
Chef Engages in a Physical Fight 40
Chef Cuts Him/Herself and Continues Cooking Without Seeking Medical Attention 40
The Stokar Rule: Chef Shows Up Drunk to the Judges' Table 40
Chef Wins Last Chance Kitchen Battle 50
Chef Wins Quickfire Challenge 50
Chef Wins a Sudden Death Quickfire Challenge 70
Chef Wins the Elimination Challenge 80
Contestant is Named "America's Favorite Chef" 100
Chef Wins the Season's “Restaurant Wars” or Similarly Themed Elimination Challenge 100
Contestant Wins the Last Chance Kitchen and Returns to the Show 150
Chef is Named "America's Favorite Chef" for the Second Time 200
Chef Cuts Him/Herself and Leaves the Challenge -20
Chef Asks Another Chef How to Use an Appliance, Drops Food on the Floor, or Fails to Plate on Time -20
Contestant is Named as One of the Worst in the Quickfire Challenge -20
Chef Steals Another Chef's Dish -30
Chef is Selected at Judges' Table for Potential Elimination -30
Chef's Dish is Not Tasted by the Judges for Any Reason -40
Chef is Eliminated Immediately Following a Sudden Death Quickfire Challenge -40
Chef Quits the Show or is Disqualified by Producers -50

All scoring decisions are in the sole and final discretion of F4R.