The Bachelorette: Best League Names and Episode 2 - When You're a Jet

June 2, 2016 by Fantasy 4 Reality

Welcome to F4R’s picks for best Bachelorette league names of the year. Before we announce the winners, let’s quickly delve into the events of episode 2. While a few of the men advanced their cause with Jo Jo, the breakout star of the episode was Chad, who displayed a stunning combination of honesty, humor, and douchebaggery. He was simultaneous loathsome and hilarious, placing him in rare company with only Courtney Robertson in the Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor club of comedic villains. While constantly calling out the other men to embarrass them and inability and failing to understand that they were playing a game with Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley earned Chad his villain card, there was a lot of truth to his statements that it’s a bit pathetic to be falling all over yourself for a pretty girl you just met. While we would have enjoyed watching Alex, the marine, crush Chad during their confrontation, we have to admit that we LOVED Chad’s constant eating. Finally, an approach to the cocktail hour we could relate to. If we’re there for 12 hours with minimal interaction with Jo Jo, forget getting wasted. We are eating EVERYTHING in site. Plus, Chad’s West Side Story reference and dance were amazing and his joke about being surrounded by “care bears” was classic. Plus, it’s hard not to appreciate a guy putting a former Vanderbilt Quarterback and brother of NFL legend in his place by calling him “a failed NFL Quarterback.” We’ll be sort of sorry to see him thrown off for violently attacking one of the nice guys.

JoJo's Grade

A – She sent home the Hipster, the Bachelor Superfan and Will.

Best Fantasy Performances

Sweet Baby James Taylor led the pack with 160 points by earning the group date rose, kissing JoJo, playing his guitar and reading JoJo a poem.

Wells came in second with a strong 110 point showing by earning a group date rose, reading a date card and receiving medical attention.

Now, without further ado, on to the best league names …

League Names Using “JoJo” as a Pun or Rhyme

10. Oh JoJo You Didn’t

9. JoJo Baggins

8. Jo(Jo)n’t Go Breaking My Heart

7. Jo-in’ to the Chapel

6. Ready Set JoJo

5. Leggo My JoJo

4. Mo Jo for JoJo

3. Ain’t No Jo-Joke, We’re Doing This Again

2. Sloppy JoJo’s

1. Wake Me Up Before You JoJo

Other League Names Related to JoJo

5. Pray for JoJo

4. Wine Roses & JoJo’s Dignity

3. JoJo’s Amazing Techincolor Dreamboat

2. JoJo is Too Good for Ben’s Bacne Anyway

1. JoJo’s Journey: Rosepaclypse 2016

Leagues Based on JoJo’s Family

6. 26 Ways to Disappoint JoJo’s Brothers

5. Drinking Out of the Bottle

4. Poppin Bottles With JoJo’s Momma

3. Angry Older Brothers

2. Los Brothers Loco

1. The Story of Cinderella Trying to Find Her Prince With Two Evil Brothers and a Drunk Mom

Leagues Based on Food and Drink

4. You Wine Some, You Booze Some

3. Ladies Who Like Chiliquiles

2. Sangria Squad

1. Why Is All the Wine Gone?

References to Past Seasons of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette

5. Unicorns

4. Love STILL Don’t Come Easy

3. Jubilee Should Have Been the Bachelorette

2. I Love You But I Love Someone Else More

1. He Loved Her a Lil Less

References to Caila Getting Replaced

4. WTF Where’s Caila?

3. Caila > JoJo

2. We Love JoJo (But Still Feel Bad for Caila)

1. Thank God It’s Not Caila

References to This Season of The Bachelorette

7. Bumper Stickers on a Lambo

6. Belly Button Pokin’

5. ”Jo Jo Jo” – Saint Nick

4. Damnnnnnn Daniel

3. Jordan’s Skinny Jeans

2. Erectile Dysfunction Mondays

1. Anyone But Evan

References to Other Pop Culture

4. A League of Underwhelming Gentlemen

3. Italian Stallions

2. Is Butter a Carb?

1. Game of Thorns

References to Experiencing Shame Over Watching The Bachelorette

3. When Football Isn’t On

2. Because I Love My Wife

1. How Many Hours of Our Lives Have We Spent Watching this Franchise?

Our Favorite League Names of the Season

7. Bachelorette Fantasy League: Like Sports, With More Crying

6. The Penultimate Rose

5. Make Mondayz Gr8 Again

4. *Insert Bachelor Pun Here*

3. Drafting Dudes Isn’t Weird

2. This is Actually Happening

1. The Douchebag Aquarium