The Bachelor: Episode 10 - When Losing Becomes Winning

March 14, 2016 by Matt

Welcome The Bachelor Quick Hits for Episode 10 – The Finale.

Ben’s Free Pass

Ben’s mom put it best. When she and Ben sat down to discuss his two choices, he confided in her that he loves them both and told them so. She sighed and confessed to the camera, “That he could be in love with two women is disturbing to me.” Indeed. We would just amend that statement a bit to say “That he could TELL two women that he in love with them is disturbing” to us. Stunningly, his good looks, “aw shucks charm” and naiveté managed to keep everyone rooting for him and allowed him to escape with almost no criticism. We here at F4R think that is wrong. Perhaps we could have looked the other way if he had just panicked when Jo Jo expressed her feelings to him before the fantasy suite and “I love you” just accidentally came out of his mouth. But he said it repeatedly throughout the finale. Who does that? Especially when he soooo clearly loved Lauren more the whole time, which became patently clear when he actually proposed. During the finale, Ben’s behavior went from stupid and caught up in the moment to just plain mean. Unless, of course, in watching the season play out, the producers realized that his obvious love for Lauren (which almost caused the women to give up on a group date in week six) would suck all drama out of the season, so they instructed him to tell Jo Jo he loved her. In this case, well played producers! Fortunately, Jo Jo seems unfazed hat he chose Lauren because they promoted her to Bachelorette. So, all’s well that ends well, except if your Caila. Who doesn’t even get to show up and compete for the Bachelorette title with Jo Jo the way Britt and Kaitlyn did.

Bachelor in Paradise?

Amanda: 5:1. She is sweet and cute and everyone would be pulling for her, but would she leave her two daughters, Charlie and Kinsley, again?

Amber: 20:1. She just finished up appearing on her third consecutive season, so if she returns to Paradise, she’ll be approaching rare air.

Becca: 30:1. As with Amber, Becca has appeared on the last two installments of The Bachelor and has likely had enough. Plus, her personality does not seem suited for Paradise.

Breanne: 100:1. She exited the show in week 1 and left no memorable impression that would warrant an invitation to Paradise. Fortunately, she will be returning to our television screens on HBO on April 24 to pick up where she left off about to slaughter Stannis Baratheon.

Caila: 3:1. Caila seems like a natural fit to appear in Paradise – likable, sweet, cute, etc. Plus, the producers owe her one after filming her promo for The Bachelorette only to replace her with Jo Jo. The question is does she want to join the fun?

Emily: 2:1. Emily is young, sweet, and fun. She had a strong showing on The Bachelor, received a lot of screen time, and cried six separate times and stirred up drama with Olivia. Plus, she’s a twin! She is a perfect fit for Paradise.

Haley: 3:1. While Haley didn’t last as long as Emily and therefore did not participate in as much drama as her twin sister, the idea of bringing both twins to Paradise seems too good to pass up.

Izzy: 75:1. Like Breanne, Izzy was eliminated in week 1 and left no real mark on the show. She did return for the Women Tell All and made her voice heard, so that boosts her chances slightly, but she’s still a long shot.

Jackie: 80:1. She made it to week 2, but that should not be enough to secure a coveted spot in Paradise.

Jami: 6:1. Jami survived three episodes and went after Jubilee on the Women Tell All. We would not be surprised if she returns.

Jennifer: 8:1. This season’s Chris N. award winner, Jennifer lasted six weeks, while saying almost nothing to Ben. We could easily see her appearing in Paradise to prove that she does have a personality. At least people would recognize her as the girl from last season who barely spoke.

Jessica: 100:1. Jessica went out in week 1 and didn’t earn a single fantasy point for her efforts.

Jo Jo: 1000:1. She would have to pull a Brad Womack and immediately express a desire to go back in the ring. Extremely unlikely, but her arrival in Paradise would mean that the Bachelorette went terribly wrong. We are rooting for this scenario!

Jubilee: 5:1. The only thing keeping Jubilee out of Paradise would be her honorable commitment to the armed services.

Lace: Off the Board. Her return to Paradise was confirmed on the Women Tell All.

Laura: 100:1. See Jessica above.

LB: 150:1. LB quit in week 2. The producers should not reward quitters.

Lauren H.: 6:1. Surviving all the way to week 6, Lauren H. developed a fanbase with her charming and witty personality. We imagine we’ll see her in Paradise, if she wants to be there.

Lauren R.: 100:1. See Jessica above.

Leah: 1:1. Either Leah is a total psychopath or she realized that she wasn’t going to end up with Ben and intentionally pivoted into a “villain” to secure a place in Paradise as next season’s Samantha.

Maegan: 100:1. See Jessica above.

Mandi: 70:1. She went home in week 1, but made an impression in her short stint with her insane rose hat and her dental examination and criticism of Ben’s flossing techniques.

Olivia: 15:1. Last year’s primary villain, Kelsey, did not join the group in Paradise, while secondary villain Jillian did appear for a bit. Our bet is that Olivia is either not invited or chooses to pass, but you never know how desperate she is for more attention to redeem herself.

Rachel: 20:1. Rachel lasted four episodes with Ben and reappeared on the Women Tell All, but she didn’t do anything particularly memorable.

Samantha: 80:1. See Jackie above.

Shushanna: 30:1. She survived a few weeks and made a name for herself by speaking a foreign language the entire first night, leaving viewers to wonder if she even spoke English. She was also fairly vocal on the Women Tell All.

Tiara: 5:1. Given the Bachelor’s

proclivity for gags, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Tiara and her chicken, Sheila, in Paradise.

Ben's Episode 10 Grade

B. Lauren seems fantastic and his proposal, including his phone call to her father right before she arrived were terrific. But he utterly failed in his handling of the Jo Jo breakup.

Week 10’s Best Fantasy Performances

Lauren edged out Jo Jo by 10 points. Lauren earned points for going on a one-on-one date, receiving the final rose of the night and the season, receiving a gift (the engagement ring), kissing Ben eight times, crying once, and flying in a helicopter twice. Jo Jo earned points for going on a one-on-one date, kissing Ben six times, crying five times, being alone with Ben when he cries, riding in a helicopter, and for being named the next Bachelorette.

The Season’s Best Fantasy Performances

Lauren B. eclipsed Jo Jo’s season total by 110 points to lead all scorers. Caila finished third, followed by Amanda, Olivia, Becca, Emily, Leah, and Jubilee.

Surprisingly, our Inaugural Ashley I. Award for season’s biggest crier goes to Jo Jo who shed tears on 12 separate occasions this season. In fairness, she cried five times in the finale, so through the first nine episodes, Caila was actually leading the pack with eight crying incidents to Jo Jo’s seven. Amanda cried a total of seven times in eight episodes followed by Emily with a total of six times through seven episodes.

See you in a few months for what should be an exciting season of The Bachelorette.