The Bachelor: Episode 8 - With Brothers Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

February 22, 2016 by Matt

Welcome The Bachelor Quick Hits for Episode 8. As has become an F4R custom, we will rank the hometown dates in order of the dates we would have personally enjoyed the most. In doing so, we draw upon a very scientific formula that takes into account the date activity, the food consumed, and the family dynamic.


4. Jo Jo’s Hometown Date in Dallas, Texas

Food: 8. Burgers. Hard to go wrong there.

Alone Date Activity: 0. Sitting in a room discussing her ex-boyfriend, the flowers and letter he just sent her, and her phone call to end that relationship. Hands down the worst hometown date activity ever in the show.

Family Dynamic: 0. Oh boy. Jo Jo’s mother tried to be nice, but her impact was blunted by the sheer obnoxiousness of Jo Jo’s brothers and father. Every year, there is one family member who just can’t handle the very premise of what’s going on and tries to bring reality to the table. This is usually perceived as simultaneously obnoxious and logical. But Jo Jo’s brothers seemed to be looking for an actual fistfight. When asked about his intentions, Ben should have replied, “Don’t tell Jo Jo, and if you do I’ll deny it, but my plan is to invite her to the fantasy suite, sleep with her, and then break her heart.”

Total: 8/30

3. Amanda’s Hometown Date in Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Food: 0. I don’t believe they ate anything, but perhaps I was more focused on Ben’s dynamic with her daughters, so if they did eat, it didn’t stand out.

Alone Date Activity: 6. We will give this a slightly higher than average score. On the one hand, they spent the day playing at the beach with Amanda’s adorable daughters. On the other hand, if you are a 27-year-old single man, this may not be the hometown date of your dreams. How one perceives this date depends on where they are emotionally in life.

Family Dynamic: 6. Everyone was very nice and embraced Ben, even though this group had more at stake than the others. Still, Ben placed himself in the difficult position of meeting and impressing two little girls who he had no intention of seeing again.

Total: 12/30

2. Lauren B’s Hometown Date in Portland, Oregon

Food: 10. Food truck cheesy bread + whiskey + chicken + potatoes + vegetables + wine = Good times!

Alone Date Activity: 10. Wandering through the streets of Portland before stopping to indulge in the aforementioned cheesy bread and popping into a super-cool looking whiskey library was a top-notch date.

Family Dynamic: 6. Lauren’s parents seemed wonderful and ultimately he and Lauren’s sister bonded, but he first had to deal with a very skeptical sister on the attack. We can all learn from the deft way Ben handled this situation. Just start crying. It diffuses any cynicism or concern.

Total: 26/30

1. Caila’s Hometown in Hudson, Ohio.

Food: 10. Caila’s mom prepared some delicious-looking, homemade, authentic Filipino cuisine. Jackpot.

Alone Date Activity: 9. They toured Caila’s high school and visited her father’s toy factory where they made their own toy house together. Any time your date resembles the movie Big, you’ve done a good job. We just missed a visit to FAO Schwartz, bouncing on a trampoline, and Ben donning a blue tuxedo with tails.

Family Dynamic: 10. The whole family seemed very nice, easy to get along with, and supportive of Caila and Ben. Plus, her dad is the CEO of a toy company and was wearing bright orange pants.

Total: 29/30

Ben's Episode 8 Grade

C- He selected the right final three for him, but if he had no intention of proposing to Amanda, he should have let her go weeks ago.

Best Fantasy Performances

Virtual tie this week. The remaining three all finished within 40 points of each other. In case your wondering, Jo Jo had the week’s high score of 170 and Lauren had the week’s low score of 130.

See you next week in the fantasy suite. As always, let us know what you thought of the episode or if you think your contestants missed out on well-deserved points.


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Phillip | February 25, 2016 @ 03:59 PM:

How did JoJo not get points for her brother telling her that Ben isn't right for her?