The Bachelor: Episode 7 - The Spectacular Six

February 15, 2016 by Matt

Welcome The Bachelor Quick Hits for Episode 7.

Top 6 Breakdown

As I watched this past week, I couldn’t help but notice how pleasant the interactions were among the women. Without Olivia, an obvious dark cloud had been lifted and everyone really seemed happy to be there. Sure, there were the normal complaints about Ben “validating” one girl too much and angry stares being shot around whenever a date recipient was revealed, but overall they seemed truly supportive of each other. Never was this more evident than in the scene when Emily was cut and broke down. Literally, all six women were balling at the same time, probably mostly fear-based, but I’m sure some of it was empathy. This whole thing got me thinking … is this the most likable final six in the Modern Era of The Bachelor?1 We broke it down for you, and here are our rankings:

7. Season 16 (Ben F.): Courtney, Lindzi, Nicki, Kacie B., Emily, Rachel Truehart. This group finishes dead last despite the presence of a few memorable and enjoyable characters, including funny second place finisher Lindzi, fabulous PhD student, Emily (one of our all-time favorites), and Rachel, who would go on to give us one of the great television moments of all-time on Bachelor Pad when Nick chose to keep the money and left nothing for her. This group’s extreme hatred of eventual winner Courtney tainted the entire season, let alone their interactions with each other.

6. Season 14 (Jake): Vienna, Tenley, Gia (may she rest in peace), Ali, Corrie, Ashleigh. This group includes some of the most famous and likable contestants in the show’s history, but, much like season 16, it is anchored by one of the most detested. Vienna’s totally improbable run to the finals brought down what would otherwise have been a great group of women.

5. Season 17 (Sean): Catherine, Lindsay, AshLee, Desiree, Lesley, Tierra. Catherine may be the most beloved contestant to ever win the show, runner up Lindsay was silly and charming, and Desiree was likable enough to become a decent, if not boring, Bachelorette. Unfortunately, as with seasons 16 and 14, one bad apple spoils the bunch. Tierra was brutal and the only saving grace that boosts Season 17 above the other two is that she went home in 6th place instead of winning it all.

4. Season 19 (Chris): Whitney, Becca, Kaitlyn, Jade, Carly, Britt. Chris somehow managed to avoid keeping around any true villains in his final six. Jade and Carly were fantastic on The Bachelor and further ingratiated themselves to the American public with their lovable turns on Bachelor in Paradise. Indeed, following her recent wedding to nice guy Tanner, Jade looks poised to remain a Bachelor fixture for years to come. Plus, we expect Carly to be hired to sing at all future Bachelor events. We also have to commend Becca for making it to the final five in two straight seasons. Alas, her elimination this week cemented Nick Viall’s streak of finishing second twice in a row as a Joe DiMaggioesque streak that will never be broken. All that being said, it’s hard to put this group in the top three considering that public opinion differs greatly on Britt and Kaitlyn, who both have their loyal fans and major detractors, and winner Whitney was forgotten within seconds of her brief relationship with Chris.

3. Season 15 (Brad Womack): Emily, Chantal, Ashley, Shawntel, Michelle Money, Britt. Now we are entering some pretty impressive territory. To varying degrees, Brad’s final six consists of four likable Bachelor staples. It is the only group to spawn two Bachelorettes: Emily and Ashley. Emily was a lovely and empathetic winner who America rooted for both times she appeared on the show. Ashley H. was one of the more playful and witty Bachelorettes they’ve had and is now in one of the more stable and successful relationships in the show’s history. The only thing keeping this group out of the top two is Michelle Money’s initial status as villain. She only warmed up and became the funny self-aware Michelle we see at every Bachelor function after she left the show.

2. Season 18 (Juan Pablo): Nikki, Clare, Andi, Renee, Chelsie, Sharleen. Looking at this list the first question that comes to mind is how did Sharleen make it to the final six? She was so clearly uninterested in Juan Pablo from the opening night and kept wondering why he was giving her a rose. Digging a little deeper, this was a pretty nice group of women who all seemed to like each other. The reason it finishes second is that none of them (except for desperate Clare) liked the Bachelor (Andi and Sharleen both left on their own accord), which made it fun and pointless to tune in.

1. Season 20 (Ben): Lauren, Jo Jo, Caila, Amanda, Becca, Emily. Yep, this season boasts the best final six in the Modern Era of The Bachelor. All six women are kind, fun, and enjoyable to watch (well, maybe Becca’s a little boring, but still). It’s no wonder Ben falls in love with two of them. He could have fallen in love with four of them, and I wouldn’t have been surprised. Now, telling two of them you love them? That’s just idiotic.

Ben's Grade

A+. He couldn’t really go wrong here, but given his relationships and choices, he sent home the right two.

Best Fantasy Performances

Lauren B. and Amanda each earned 160 points. Lauren scored big with six kisses, a one-on-one date, receiving a rose, shedding some tears, and reading a date card. Amanda earned points for receiving the group date rose, crying, and kissing Ben four times.

To answer a few questions we’ve received, Emily did not receive points for being sent home mid-episode because she was sent home on a one-on-one date and, according to the rule, contestants do not earn points in that instance.

See you next week. As always, let us know what you thought of the episode or if you think your contestants missed out on well-deserved points.


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Chaste | February 18, 2016 @ 02:46 PM:

Consider this a challenge- Your explanation for Emily not receiving points for being sent home mid-episode is because she was sent home on a one on one date, and that according to the rule, contestants do not earn points in that instance. The rule actually says that the contestant receives points if she "is Asked to Leave by Ben Mid-Episode/Prior to the Rose Ceremony (Does Not Include Not Receiving a Rose on a One-on-One or Two-on-One Date)" Emily didn't get sent home because she didn't receive a rose on her one on one date. Roses weren't offered on one on one dates this week (see JoJo). Therefore, the reason Emily was sent home was not because she did not receive a rose, it was because Ben said he didn't see a future with her, and thus essentially said go home. Even if Ben did want to keep her, he wouldn't have given her a rose then, he would have waited to do it at the rose ceremony (see JoJo). Thus, Emily really was "Asked to Leave by Ben Mid-Episode/Prior to the Rose Ceremony" and she should receive her points accordingly.