The Bachelor: Episode 5 - A Life Life

February 1, 2016 by Matt

Welcome The Bachelor Quick Hits for Episode 5.

F4R’s Completely Subjective Odds to Win

Lauren B. 1:2. The first woman to step out of the limos, Lauren B. has been the clear frontrunner all season. Ben appears more comfortable with Lauren B. than any of the others. Now that she proved that she can cook and confessed to seeing a “life life” with him, it appears to Lauren B.’s engagement ring to lose.

Jo Jo. 3:1. Ben seems to really like Jo Jo. She’s one of the more attractive women remaining and has been honest and upfront with Ben in a chill way. Tonight’s episode she kissed Ben twice and asked him not to blindside her. Good luck with that. Her best moment was freaking out that Olivia was feeding Ben. Is infantilizing one’s boyfriend suddenly a turn on?

Caila. 5:1. Caila had a special connection with Ben on their date with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. He seems to like everything about her and she is very relaxed about the whole process and uninvolved in all drama. Her only on screen interaction with Ben this week was some kissing on the group date.

Becca and Amanda. 8:1. Ben has had great one-on-one dates with both Becca and Amanda and seems to like them both. While Ben seemed understanding and appreciated when Becca opened about her virginity and Amanda spoke honestly about her previous marriage and two kids, and both women seem great, ultimately, it seems unlikely that the 26 year old Bachelor will select either of them over the top three.

Lauren H. 10:1. Lauren H. may be the most upbeat and funniest contestant this season, but her charming personality may have landed her in the friend zone. She and Ben had a great first date modeling at a fashion show in Mexico City and Ben seemed happy that Lauren H. “opened up” about her past relationships and her feelings for him, Ben’s romantic interest in Lauren H. appears to be trailing a whole bunch of women.

Olivia. 15:1. Ben has been manipulated by the season’s villain on numerous occasions, giving her the first impression rose and two group date roses. Somehow the desperate vibe she gives off by immediately grabbing him the second the cocktail party begins, the obnoxious interrupting of others’ alone time, the pathetic strip tease dance, and the need to take a break during a date to consume mint leaves have had no impact on Ben. But she may have finally sunk herself with her insanely insulting comments to Amanda. We don’t know if anyone relayed the exact comment to Ben, but if they didn’t someone with no chance of winning, like Jennifer or Leah, should have. Even if Ben does not rescind Olivia’s rose, her toxic dual personality will eventually cost her.

Emily. 20:1. In one of the most stone cold moves ever, Ben kept Emily over her sister. He wouldn’t have given Hayley a lifelong inferiority complex and potentially ruined the twins’ relationship, if he didn’t have legitimate feelings for Emily. Right? Right?

Jennifer and Leah. 50:1. Jennifer and Leah spend almost no time talking with Ben, have not joined him on a one-on-one and rarely talk to the camera. At this point, they are just embracing the free exotic travel and hoping to land on Bachelor in Paradise.

Ben's Grade

Incomplete. He currently has a C. Sending home the insecure and emotionally unstable Jubilee was wise, but giving Olivia the group date rose was idiotic. He can ace the final and raise his grade to A if he rescinds the rose at the beginning of the next episode, but if he let’s her keep it, he’ll fail the week.

Women Battling for the Chris N. Award for Least Known Contestant to Stick Around

Leah and Jennifer. See above.

Best Fantasy Performances

Amanda was the week’s big scorer with 150 points. She read a date card, went on a one-on-one, kissed Ben three times, earned a rose, and told Ben she is divorced.

Lauren H. earned 100 points by going on a one-on-one, kissing Ben three times, earning a rose, and crying.

See you next week. As always, let us know what you thought of the episode or if you think your contestants missed out on well-deserved points.