The Bachelor: Episode 3 - Olivia's Sixth Sense

January 18, 2016 by Matt

Welcome to The Bachelor Quick Hits for week 3.

Best Moves of the Night

4. Lauren B.’s request to meet Ben’s family. On the surface this feels like a dealbreaking bad move on a first date, but not if your Lauren B. Then it’s somehow adorably charming.

3. Jubilee’s massage. Never a bad idea, but giving the man of your dreams a full body rub down in front of the other women who already don’t like you is genius.

2. Jami’s vow to adopt cats when she gets home because she’ll never figure out how to maintain a relationship with a man.

1. Lace’s decision to quit. I’ve been arguing for years that more of these women should retain some pride when they know they aren’t going to end up with the Bachelor and quit. That being said, I never expected that reasonable and proud woman to be Lace. Good for her.

Worst Moves of the Night

4. Shushanna’s romper. And she wonders why she didn’t receive a third rose?

3. Jubilee’s jubilant reaction to receiving the one-on-one date. She might as well have done this. (Skip to 3:00)

2. Amber’s confrontation of Jubilee IN FRONT OF BEN. When Ben defended Jubilee, Amber should have excused herself politely and hailed a cab never to return to the mansion. But considering that this is Amber’s third straight appearance, that wasn’t about to happen.

1. Olivia’s defense of her cankles and toes. Granted, the bitch session about Olivia’s toes was right out of Mean Girls as was Jami getting in Olivia’s head by pretending to be her confidante and promptly informing her of said bitch session. Still, after hearing that Ben’s close friends died that day in a plane crash, Olivia immediately pulls him aside to discuss her insecurities. This went over with Ben far worse than Jubilee’s tactic. The lesson: It’s always better to give a depressed guy a massage then to share your own feelings.

Speaking of Mean Girls, as my brother pointed out, Olivia’s insane reading of Ben’s hidden gestures (e.g., pushing off on her leg and squeezing her waist) is similar to the way Karen was able to predict the weather. And that’s when it hit us – Olivia is a former weathergirl. She’s Karen!!

Most Justified Crying Incidents

None of them. Caila, Jubilee, Shushana, Rachel, Olivia, Lace, and Jami all cried for no reason at all.

Ben's Grade

B+ -- Basically, a good job, highlighted by his obvious feelings for Lauren B. and the elimination of Mandi. Demerits for keeping Olivia.

Women Battling for the Chris N. Award for Least Known Contestant to Stick Around

Leah, Jennifer, Rachel

Best Fantasy Performances

Jubilee and Lauren B. had impressive nights with their one-on-one dates and all that entails, including both of them participating in an activity that makes them nervous, but overcoming their fear with Ben’s help.

See you next week. As always, let us know what you thought of the episode or if you think your contestants missed out on well-deserved points.


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Clara | January 20, 2016 @ 01:17 PM:

Shouldn't Jubilee have -40 for "Contestant Interrupts Ben's Alone Time With Another Contestant at the Cocktail Party When She Already Has a Rose to Procure Her Own Alone Time (a/k/a The Cardinal Sin) "

curtis | January 20, 2016 @ 07:37 PM: