The Bachelor: Season 20 - Favorite League Names

January 7, 2016 by Fantasy 4 Reality

The 20th season of The Bachelor kicked off with a bang. Fortunately for Ben, along with Sean and Mesnick, last season’s failure was there to provide critical advice for his journey. Soules’s best pearl of wisdom: “Kiss everyone!” Good to see he’s learned from his experience. We here at F4R are always impressed by the creativity and humor displayed by our leagues, especially when it comes to league names. With more F4R leagues than ever before, the fight to be included in our annual list of favorites was intense. Without further ado, he are the winners.

League Names Related to Football

  1. Rosebowl
  2. Any Given Monday
  3. Not Fantasy Football

Ben H. Related League Names

  1. Ben Sits When He Pees
  2. The Ben Commandments
  3. BENd and Snap
  4. Benjamin’s Buttons

Leagues Based on Activities Done While Watching the Show

  1. On Mondays We Drink and Judge
  2. Yoga Pants and Cabernet

References to Past Seasons of The Bachelor

  1. Villains Gotta Vill
  2. Not Tony
  3. Clint and JJ’s Affair
  4. I Wish They Picked Ben Z.
  5. Nobody Will Take My Sparkle Away
  6. Onion and Pomegranate

References to This Season of The Bachelor

  1. Maegan Has No Shot at Winning
  2. Mini Horse
  3. Chicken Enthusiast: In Memoriam
  4. Why Didn’t You Look at Me?
  5. The Chicken Will Win

References to Experiencing Shame Over Watching The Bachelor

  1. I Only Watch for the Comedy
  2. Our Wives Makes Us Watch
  3. Guilty Pleasure 1000
  4. The TV Club Bad Reality Subcommittee

References to Other Pop Culture

  1. Sea Bass and the Fellas
  2. The Fantasy Room is Dark and Full of Terrors
  3. I’m in a Glass Case of Emotion
  4. Shiva Bowl
  5. The Plastics

Our Top Five League Names

  1. Chris Harrison’s Balls
  2. How to Be Single
  3. God Help Us
  4. Boring Guy Wins Again
  5. Compromising Dignity for Roses


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Ashton | January 17, 2016 @ 08:05 PM:

Rose Whoarders is the best!