The Bachelorette: Episode 2: Deja Vu All Over Again

May 20, 2015 by Fantasy 4 Reality

What a week! This season is off to an incredible start. We have to say we were not fans of the “Two Bachelorette” premise, but it worked out well. Who knew that just a few short months after seeing Britt sent home in tears, we would get to do it again. And this time to have the great Romance novelist, Mr. Glib, the King of Swarm, Chris Harrison break the news to Britt in the most inhumane way imaginable served as yet another reminder of why we watch this show year in and year out. Didn’t Britt listen to Kailtyn’s comment last night, “It’s all fun and games until Chris Harrison walks into a room.” Words to live by. After deliberately choosing his words to lull her into the belief that she had been selected as the Bachelorette, Harrison quickly yanked the rug out from under Britt’s feet and went in for the kill.

Harrison: “The vote was very close. I know you wanted it. I’m sorry. Can I walk you out?”

Who wouldn’t read a romance novel by this empathetic soul?

Before sharing with Kaitlyn the welcome news that she was chosen as the Bachelorette by at least 13 of the men, Harrison tries to fake her out too. Then he continues his overall star-studded performance by stunning Kaitlyn with the news that she will have a rose ceremony in a few hours. As he explains, “You’re the Bachelorette. That’s your job!” And, with that pronouncement, the shoe is back on the right foot.

The Great Debate

By our count, at least six of the 24 remaining men voted for Britt. Unless Harrison and our definitions of a “close vote” are very different, we have to imagine it’s possible that as many as four or five of the other men also preferred Britt. Kaitlyn was probably wise not to try and figure out who voted for whom, but she had to have been more than curious. Then again, she kept Jared around even though he admitted as much, so perhaps she didn’t care that much. Personally, we think that all Britt voters should have been ambushed with the news that, in lieu of a rose ceremony, they were being sent home with Britt.

The real question though is what would should the Britt voters have done when they discovered that Kaitlyn was the Bachelorette? Jared thought he should clear the air and express a desire to get to know Kaitlyn. Daniel, Kupah, Tony, and Jonathan kept the identity of the woman they voted from Kaitlyn and hoped to stick around anyway. But here’s the rub -- the other men know the truth. Since all the men were walking around taking straw polls of which woman the others voted for, it is public knowledge that these four voted for Britt. I would imagine that at some point this information will be shared with Kaitlyn if she gets too cozy with one of the Britt supporters. Finally, Brady made the honorable and smart decision to confess his preference for Britt to Kaitlyn and leave to chase after Britt. Just think about this decision for a second. To the extent the men signed up for the show in hopes of dating Britt, they were prepared to compete in a setting in which the odds of winning Britt’s affection were 25 – 1. With one simple move, Brady’s odds improved to 1 – 1. Basically, he was the only one smart enough to realize that he would easily win Britt over with a big romantic gesture when she was at her most vulnerable. Here’s the thing. I don’t think the other Britt supporters are stupid. They’ve just confirmed that they are “not there for the right reasons.” The Bachelorette is actually irrelevant to them. They are there for the experience and weren’t going to pull themselves off just because the girl they were more attracted to disappeared. Come to think of it, who can blame them?

Kaitlyn's Grade

B. In Kaitlyn’s defense, she didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for these decisions. At the same time, she only had to cut four men because two of the men were already eliminated (Ryan M. was forcibly removed, while Brady quit.) Good decisions: Kaitlyn kept all of her biggest backers and sent home the Shawn E. and his “carpool,” Magic Josh and his G-string, and Bradley and his John McEnroe outfit. Bad decisions: She gave roses to five Britt supporters, many of whom were obvious in their preference for Britt. Jonathan never spoke to Kaitlyn, even snubbing her when he exited the limo. Jared flat out told her that he tried to send her home ten minutes ago. Man, David, Josh, Bradley, and Shawn E. must have made terrible impressions to be sent packing instead of Jared.

Best Fantasy Performances

Shawn B. was the night’s big winner with 120 points, securing a kiss and the first impression rose. Chris tallied a respectable 50 points by being the first man of the season to kiss Kaitlyn. None of the men earned the final 20 this week for crying on their way out. In fact, none of them even gave exit interviews.

See you next week for our first dates of the season.