The Bachelor: Episode 11 - Love the One You're With

March 10, 2015 by Fantasy 4 Reality

Welcome to the final edition of this season’s The Bachelor Quick Hits. As another season comes to a close, we examine the two most significant events of last night: (1) Becca’s truth to power address and (2) the announcement of a Bachelorette competition.

The Emperor is Not Wearing Any Clothes

All season long and particularly last night, Harrison incessantly raved that this season was “the most surprising and dramatic” ever. Harrison has been one for hyperbole in the past, so we doubted the accuracy of his categorization. Shockingly however, after watching the finale, we agree. This was the most surprising and dramatic finale ever! But not for the reasons Harrison means. By “dramatic and surprising,” Harrison meant the depressing result wherein Prince Farming settled for the woman who loved him most rather than the woman he loved most. Even more sobering than Chris’s decision to propose to Whitney rather than play it out with Becca was his sisters actively pushing him to settle, as if he had no choice but to get married immediately to one of these women. It’s obvious that the Soules clan are big Stephen Stills fans, subscribing to the demoralizing life philosophy that “if you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with.” Chris’s family seems nice and all, but wouldn’t most siblings tell their brother to choose the one he wants and see what happens? If it turns out that the girl is not the one, than he’ll find someone else. You can’t marry someone just because she’s ready on The Bachelor’s time frame! 1 As Chris sat on the couch with Whitney during the After the Final Rose special, Chris basically went mute for 20 minutes. He looked totally unenthused and Whitney could not even stand to watch his relationship with Becca, insisting that she has “total confidence in their relationship.” Yep, it’s always the people are who are totally comfortable who cover their eyes during horror moves and on rollercoasters. At least Chris will have another ten weeks in the spotlight in The BachelorDancing With The Stars. Considering that we’ve seen a Bachelor choose neither woman and a Bachelor break-up with his choice only to ask out the rejected woman on the After the Final Rose special, we don’t agree with Harrison that this was the most surprising and dramatic finale based on the outcome.

Still, something happened last night that threatens to change the way we look at The Bachelor. Indeed, we may look back at last night’s episode as one of the most significant events in reality television history. Flying under the radar all season, only making a name for herself as the understated virgin, Becca KILLED it last night. First, she had us in stitches with her impromptu comedy routine on visiting the post office in Arlington on the weekends and advising her friends to send mail rather than text to keep things exciting. Then she did something unprecedented: She was honest about the insanity of this process and refused to give in. Basically, she reacted the way any normal human being would react in this situation. She told Chris’s sisters, mother, and Chris that she was falling in love with him and wanted to continue to date him, but wasn’t ready yet to uproot her whole life and move to Arlington, Iowa. Given that she’s only known him for a month and a half and dated him along with 25 other women the entire time, this approach seems reasonable. It’s only because such logic and caution flies in the face of the premise of the show and the actions of every other woman who has ever made the finals that it seems odd. So, Chris not wanting to take a chance with someone who wasn’t 100% in love with him yet, sent her packing. Becca then became the only woman ever not to cry during her limo ride in the finale after being rejected. The significance of Becca’s honesty cannot be overstated. In the past, when a contestant has challenged the premise of the show, they have been mocked, shamed and vilified by the producers and Harrison. Brad Womack was a dirt bag for not choosing either woman. Juan Pablo was the devil for refusing to tell Nikki that he loved her. However, these two were easy targets. Becca is a different story. She is a thoughtful, kind, wholesome virgin. They can’t embarrass her without looking like the bad guys, so they have to just take her decision to point out that the emperor has no clothes on the chin. A night to remember.

The Double Bachelorette

In the waning moments of the season, Harrison made the surprising and confusing announcement that both Britt and Kaitlyn would be chosen to compete on The Bachelorette. Apparently, “America was conflicted” and rather than just choose one, they decided to choose both. It reminded me of the contestant in The Running Man not knowing whether to choose Buzzsaw or Dynamo and Killian offering both. Kaitlyn summed up what we were all thinking when she admitted the situation was “not ideal.” It appears as if they will both be there for the first episode and then the men will somehow choose which one they want to be the Bachelorette, but the format is not exactly clear. All we know is that we are firmly Team Kaitlyn and have no idea how Britt catapulted herself from selfish villain to Bachelorette contestant, but we are a bit afraid of her black magic. Oh, and we are also super excited to see how this plays out. If the men do get to choose and, as expected, all 25 pick Kaitlyn, the first episode will stand out as the greatest single moment of rejection in history.

Best Fantasy Performance

Whitney was the week’s high scorer with 170 points, mostly from winning the final rose. Whitney was also the leading scorer on the season with 990 points, followed by Kaitlyn with 860, Becca with 810, and Britt with 800. For the record, if we were the Bachelor, Jade and Kaitlyn would have been our high scorers closely followed by Carly.

Congratulations to Whitney. Enjoy it while it lasts. See you all in a few months for the most anticipated fight of the year, and we are not talking about Mayweather v. Pacquiao.